About Sherrie

Sherrie Porter, Owner and QuickBooks® expert, has been helping businesses large and small get the most out of QuickBooks® since 1994. Her warm patient manner and vast knowledge of the software have made her a successful consultant ever since. Sherries insights and innovative solutions make the learning process fun!

After earning her BS in Accounting Sherrie worked as a staff accountant in large companies for several years, until 1994 when she realized it was time to break out on her own. Taking in bookkeeping seemed to be the best option for starting her own business, but she quickly learned that there wasn’t a lot of demand for bookkeeping services. Turns out, most of her potential clients were doing the basics on their own using QuickBooks® software, and they were desperate for help. “The rest is history!”


"Unless you try to do something beyond what you have mastered, you will never grow."
-- C.R. Lawton